November 06, 2007

Go Dan Go!

Headed out to a twilight XC practise tonight with Dan. I figure that seeing as I have entered an ODE this weekend I had better introduce him to the concept of jumping these funny looking obstacles that we like to put in front of horses at shows.

He was a real dude! We started with the water, as he goes through water (streams) all the time at home. It took a little while for him to feel comfy with the atmosphere and all the kids hooning past on ponies - but once he decided it was all safe then he plodded in.

After that we tried a bunch of other little fences (mostly just the solid ones so he can work out where his legs should be) but he was also great with the ditch, trakhener and mini-staircase. I'm so proud of him!!

Here are some pics that Swifty took: