March 05, 2008

Aokautere ODE

Last Friday I drove up to Palmy (yucky weather for an overnight stay, great weather for the grounds though! footing was fantastic). Ruby was doing her first ever ODE, and Neo doing his first at Training level. Ruby was up first on Saturday at 8.30 and did a nice dressage test, a few movements rushed perhaps, but a good mark for her paces and I was overall pleased:
Neo's dressage (no pics, sorry!) I was just over the moon with! Has paces are a little ponyish so his overall marks not fantastic... but I was just so pleased with how far he's come. The whole test was calm, nothing was rushed, and no choppy strides - he just let it all come to him and it was an absolute pleasure of a test to ride on him. I was absolutely chuffed with that.
XC on both was good, though I put the wrong bridle on Neo and had steering issues (like, past an entire jump! oops). But they blasted through and didn't spook at spooky things and did some of the more complex lines. Both has a wee hesitation at the top of the bank into the water, but then hopped off happily and trotted out the other side.
Showjumping everyone was tired as anything. All a bit under-fit I think! But they both really tried and again I was just really pleased. I was also glad when it was all over and we could all have a rest back at the truck! Remind me again why I do eventing?
Ruby did fantastic for her first ODE - coming home with 3rd place!
And Neo had to come home without a ribbon, but I am really pleased with how he's going. I'll give him another run at Training level at Battle Hill and then see if he feels like doing more, or if he's ready for a big winter turnout.