March 26, 2008

Solway ODE

On Sunday afternoon Mum and I headed up to Masterton. Took Ruby and Neo who were competing on Monday, Tom (a friend's pony, also competing Monday), and Scuba (who was heading back to Mandy's for winter). Overnighted at Mandy's and headed down to Solway in the morning for the ODE.
Ruby's dressage is improving with each outing, and I was pleased with her effort this time. I just need to keep my legs on stronger. Neo warmed up nicely, but it all went to pieces a bit in the arena - still happy with so much progress from him in the short 4 months that I've had him. I also downgraded him to PreTraining so he could have a nice confidence-building run.
Neo did his showjumping right after dressage. The jumps were low even for PT, so of course he flew around them. But what I was most impressed with is that he got all the correct striding through the double & related fence. Normally we have a bit of trouble stretching him out just to make a double properly, but 3 in a row and to get it all perfect I was stoked:
Ruby did a neat clear showjumping too. Nothing in there that was at all an ask or anything new for her, so it was a nice cruisy round for both of us:
Neo had a fab XC, he jumped clear. Though pecked on landing up a staircase and landed on his knees and silly rider tumbled off the side (honestly, you think I'd quit doing things to let him down). But he was a happy lad and continued with me remounted (he even stood nice and still so I could clamber back on):
Ruby was doing Training - which had a few nice little questions, but she just zoomed around like an old pro. So it was a double clear jumping day for her as well. The 2nd pic below was taken by the 'a1 action shotz' crew who were on site for the event:
Due to Neo's bumped knees I have decided to turn him out early - let his body and mind have a good long rest. Ruby, however, has another ODE this coming weekend at Queen Elizabeth park!