April 02, 2008

QEP Horse Trials

Finally some rain! Unfortunately it happened to be mostly while we were competing last Sunday at Queen Elizabeth Park...

Just had Ruby out on Sunday, as Neo is having some lazy time in the paddock. And our dressage start wasn't until lunchtime, so a very laid back day. Ruby's dressage was not her best test, but the judge commented on her lovely movement.

We went straight from our dressage test into the showjumping as they were close to closing our class. Quite a nice course (though starting to get very slippery after having a few classes go before us) - was a good chance to test out the studs... and we still almost slid at one point!

A bit of a break and then it was time for the XC. Ruby flew around the fences, but felt a little tired. I was glad that she hopped through the ditch combination and into the water without worry though! They're often bogey fences at QEP.

So Ruby has earned a short holiday for herself - just a week or 10 days and a few weekends without competitions. She'll be back on for Waikanae ODE all bright eyed and bushy tailed.