April 06, 2008

'Riding' Alfie

Okay, so Alfie recently popped a split and so I'm not supposed to be working him yet. But he's just so adoreable that I couldn't stop myself from clipping a leadrope onto his halter and climbing onto him from the fence for a little walk around bareback. He is such a dude - very laid back and incredibly cuddly!
Ruby and Pippa were very interested in watching what the new arrivals (Alfie & Billie) were up to, while Maulfa made himself useful looking after the water trough:
Billie had a big ride today with quite a bit of canter work too - and was a very puffed wee girl afterwards! But she was very brave heading through a few different creeks and things, so certainly earned her big feed after:
There has been a heap of rain at our place lately, and while out on Billie I noticed the hill paddocks have started to come away really well. The paddocks I have been resting are actually looking all green and grassed up again! Yay!