April 26, 2008

Solway Dressage

Headed over last night (picking a friend up on the way) to Solway Showgrounds for the dressage ribbon day. Was a good trip over with not too much traffic, and the horses were well-behaved overnight (first overnight trip for a couple of them).

Mum was taking her new horse, Gem, for their first competition together. I did a warmup test on Gem and had a ball. She has some lovely movement and is a very enjoyable ride:
Of course she hasn't been in work for a while, and was excited to be out and about, so some of the work in the test was very tense. But overall we were happy with her test and it got her warmed up nicely. More pics:
Ruby came along for the drive as she was heading back to her owner's place.. so we figured why not get some extra dressage mileage into her too. I am so pleased with her flatwork, so is really becoming very soft and easy:
Still some more work to go before it's all perfect. But as every test seems to be an improvement on the previous one we know it's all headed in the right direction. More Ruby pics:
There were some afternoon tests, but we'd all gotten out of the day what we wanted and needed to so we decided to beat the traffic home (note: this doesn't ever really work on the weekends! I should have learnt by now).
Pictures of Mum's test to come...