April 06, 2008


About 3 weeks ago now our kitten (well, 13 month old "catten"), Minda, didn't come home after his morning jaunt. We searched for a week or so - and we still haven't found Minda - or any sign of what happened to him. Nick and I were both really sad, but it was really taking it's toll on Maulfa... Maulfa was absolutely unhappy and lonely.

We decided late last week that it wasn't fair to make Maulfa wait any longer. If Minda returns one day we will be over the moon! But in the meantime, Maulfa needed a play-buddy... So we headed off to the SPCA (twice actually - we're not particularly quick with the decision making sometimes) and ended up with an as-yet-unnamed fluffy kitten for Maulfa.

Fluffy-kit has settled in well, and after a few days of being mostly ignored by Maulfa - is now a part of the family, and Maulfa is seeming a lot more settled:
So now we just have to come up with a name...