April 12, 2008

Weekend Update

Well it's the first weekend in a while where we've had sunshine... and while some more rain might be nice for the grass, it has been lovely to go outside without 4 layers of waterproof clothing! The new kitten (still unnamed) is fitting in well, though turns out he's an absolute doofus as he has already managed to fracture one of his little kitten legs and sprain a joint or something... but he & Maulfa have been enjoying some outside sunshine time too:
Also got our roof painted today (which is not really very exciting for anyone except us) - but again, lucky to have the sunshine to be able to do it! Repainted in much the same colour it already was... green to match the grass that Alfie & Pippa are happily stuffing themselves with:
Next weekend eventing at Waikanae... hopefully the ground up there is not too hard!