April 26, 2008

Solway Dressage Mum

Solway was also my Mum's return to riding. It's apparently been 18 years since she last did a dressage test, and 14 years since she last rode with any regularity (since then she just hops on my horses once a year for a trot to see what they're like). So she had a ride on Gem during the week to get a feel for her, and then today was the big day. Gem was quite lively still, but I think they had fun, and can only see them getting better as they both get into the routine of it all.
Getting ready:
In the arena:
Seems that Mum thought that was all rather fun... so she nabbed Ruby so she could have another go!
Mum will be taking Gem to Masterton soon to be based up there, so I guess the next outing for them will be something local up that way.