May 15, 2008


I figured it's been ages since my last update, so I'd better do one. Not doing a lot though, we try and wind down a bit through winter (the lack of daylight hours just makes things near impossible). So, an update on the animals:
Billie has been improving heaps! She can now trot and canter on the rolling hills, and is jumping about 60cm confidently (still a little gangly, but enjoying herself which is fantastic). We're looking at taking her out to a few dressage days over the next couple of weekends to see how she copes in an arena and the whole show atmosphere. I think she'll do just fine though.
Pippa is booked into Joe Lumsden to finish her backing, we're just waiting on a transporter that can fit down our road to come and pick her up as I just don't have the time to run her up there (and don't want to be loading or unloading in the dark by myself).
Alfie got front shoes on yesterday... and starting this weekend he'll come in for some slow work - mainly walking at first to ensure his splint is settled, then we'll look at what options he has to get out and about over winter. Have not even had a saddle on him yet though, so no idea what is in store for me there!
Gem is getting worked occasionally just to keep ticking over. She'll be heading to Masterton soon to be with Mum, and I think their next planned outing is the first of the Solway dressage series in mid-June.
Neo is up in Pahiatua getting fat!
And Zakky is keeping Neo company (or vice versa, I'm not sure who is the boss... they're both equally crazy I think).
To try and combat the weather and darkness we are looking at getting a simple gable shed put up to store the truck in, and have some covered yards and well-lit area to saddle up in the mornings (5am in the pitch black with my dolphin torch is way less fun than it sounds!). More news on the shed when I find out more!