May 17, 2008

Alfie Meets Saddle

It's been ages since my one and only 'ride' of Alfie (in a cattleyard, bareback with a halter). His splint is looking very stable and I got new front shoes on him this week, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to bring him along to the arena today with Billie. My plan was just to bring him to look, and if he seemed sane then I'd pop on him in a yard for a walk.
So I got him brushed and saddled up which he was mostly asleep for, then took him to a yard and laid over him quietly then took him for a short walk. Figured that he seemed quiet and happy, so I'd head to the arena.
He was a bit more worried about the arena. He walked in, but was a bit nappy back to Billie. Though that was the worst we faced today (having to kick him a few times to get him moving forward). In fact, I was so stoked with how laid back he was that we even did a short trot on each rein and then he got a big pat & a hug and that was it for the day.
Really pleased with him, and might take him along for the ride with Billie tomorrow so he can watch the other horses doing dressage and learn about standing tied to the truck for half a day. I think his first ridden outing will be mid-June at the dressage day in Solway if all goes to plan.