May 17, 2008

Jumping Billie

I took Billie out to the arena today to pop her over a few fences. We've gone a little log and barrel at home, but not any coloured fences yet. She warmed up nicely - a little distracted at first by everything new, but never really put a foot wrong. Her canter transitions were all really clean and responsive too. I think she really enjoyed the nice flat surface after all the hillwork lately!
We started with a few little crossrails at the trot. She never hesitated and was quite happy to pop over them. Then we moved on to cantering in and I found her to be quite adjustable into the fences to get a good stride. We did a few spooky fences (barrels, pickets etc) and a grid. She even did a few 90cm fences very confidently. I was really happy with her.
I was also quite happy to see that her fitness for the 'faster' work has picked up a bit since I've started to put a little interval style training into her routine.