April 16, 2008

First Ride on Gem

Gem was a bit pushy while getting saddled up, seemed most interested in absolutely everything. She was good though, and moved over when asked and little things like that. I got on from the fence (she's too tall to get on from the ground!), and went for a walk... She was quite exciteable and a little naughty to start with, but calmed down immediately once she'd had a look around:
So we did some big circles of walk around the paddock just to stretch her muscles out, then went for a short trot:
I figured that was enough for the day, and put her away with her dinner. She's got lovely movement - and even though she's out of work, she was still listening and trying to work out what I wanted so she could do things right. She's going to be heaps of fun for Mum!