August 22, 2008

Banoffee Pops

So 'Alfie' has a showname now... 'Banoffee Pops', and there are no prizes for guessing which absolutely yummy food product he is named after. Toffee Pops banoffee pie flavour, so scrummy.

Got the farrier out today - all went pretty well. Neo proved just how much he has grown up by being very brave about the whole thing and only moving twice (such a change from the horse who used to back away whenever someone new approached him). So he's got a full set of shoes on, while Kody and Alfie just have fronts on seeing as they will only really be in light work for the next month or so I'm expecting.

Ned and Lily are fast becoming creek-crossing experts... Lily is even happy to trot through the creek when you call her (so cute! it's wonderful having another mare on the property too).