August 19, 2008


On Sunday we went and got official height certificates for the riding horses! Alfie & Neo loaded like total pros, and Kody wasn't too bad after a few minutes with the bum rope on. It was lovely and sunny when we got to Belmont, so it gave me a chance to try and get the mud on their legs to dry enough so that I could brush it off.

Some pony club kids were helpful and held the spare horses while I took each one in for measuring. Results were as expected, really - nothing at a very thrilling height, but I'd say everyone except Neo is likely to grow a little more. So - the heights:

Alfie [15.3hh]
Neo [15.3hh]
Kody [15.1hh]

When we got home it was time for the new arrivals to turn up! Sarah's horses, Lily & Ned have come to stay for a few weeks while Sarah is on holiday. Lily is mainly going to chill in the paddock with Pippa and do a little led work, but Ned will be coming to some shows!

Some pictures are the measuring day tied to the truck, and chilling out in the paddock at home:

(Ned in the foreground of the first one below):

And bonus pictures of where I very almost got the truck stuck (I do a 3-point turn in the same area every time I put the truck away in it's parking spot after an outing... and this time it took rather a bit of effort to get forward movement again!)... and also Alfie & I showing off our matching laser eyes and chestnut hair:

Farrier is booked for Friday for new shoes all around on the riding horses - fingers crossed that the weather stays good on Friday!