February 22, 2010

Masterton A&P

Up at about 4am on Friday to load up the horses and head up to Solway showgrounds for the first day of Masterton A&P. Friday is dressage day, so Xev was all set to go - but then must have knocked herself or stood on herself in the truck or something? Lucky she has strike guards on her travel boots, but still managed to bruise herself and just make her a bit uneven at trot. So sadly she spent the whole weekend in the yard and eating grass with the occasional hack around. That was a bit of a bummer. Not wanting to waste the day off work I decided to put Neo into 2 of Xev's dressage tests (just prelim). I bet nobody ever expected Neo would be doing registered dressage! His first test wasn't too bad, for Neo, and he came away with 53.75%. By the second test he was well and truly over this 'dressage' stuff and got naughty -I wasn't sure what the judge would have to say (dressage judges can be very scary beings) but the comment at the end really made me laugh: "This test was fun to watch, I hope it was fun to ride." and "When settled shows some attractive movement" - what a good sport that judge is!
Mum came down later in the day and we went off to the saddlery to get some more back on track quickwraps so Xev and Neo could both have them on, then the feed shop, then to get some hay. Took the horses for a pick of grass but mostly had a fairly lazy night as Neo had already been ridden so I didn't need to hack him around the grounds in the evening as I'd planned to.
Neo did showjumping on Saturday and Sunday and did some lovely jumping (and came home with a red, which is always nice) - but was frequently not listening to me. A bit annoying, as I'm doing heaps of schooling at home, but I'm wondering if he needs to do some jumping at home? I don't jump him between shows as I want to save his legs - but perhaps this is making showday too exciting for him? Need to try some different things anyway - and probably need to keep him to slightly bigger tracks than he has been doing, so that he's got a bit more to think about!
In between our 2 Saturday SJ classes we whipped over to the in-hand ring for the pinto classes (literally, like I didn't even have time to get into my in-hand gear or change his bridle). The judge didn't seem very taken by him - so no placing in his gelding class... but a blue in the suitability for jumping. Neo chilling between classes:
Mum was out on Saturday (Saddle Hunters with Gem) and Sunday (Show Hacks with Alfie). Sorry about the really weird picture of Gem - the camera had lots of condensation and I couldn't get it 'thawed out' before I had to run back and get Neo ready. But you can at least see that Gem was there and looking pretty. She got placed in all her classes, and took out the prize for Irish horses (shamrock sash & trophy) which is very exciting! Gem was entered for some showhunter, but didn't finish her flat classes in time. Sunday Mum came back with the truck, with Alfie this time. Pics of Gem warming up, and Alfie in his first class:
Alfie came 2nd in the Novice 0-5 wins, then won his paced and mannered class. He was going so calmly and kindly and standing like a rock even though one of the horses beside him was a bit upset and didn't want to stand still. He also picked up 3rd in his open height class.
Mum was stoked though, he picked up Reserve Champ Novice showhack! He is really starting to do so well at the A&P shows. And what a weekend for Mum - 2 wides!
As I was only riding one horse I had a bit of time between classes every now and then - so on Sunday midday I decided to take some pictures of the stunning ponies doing the FMG Grand Prix. I only took pics of the first half of the class (as then had to go tend to my horses), but have put the pics I got up online at PerformanceEquines Gallery and I tried to put some of the rider's names too - but didn't know them all. I was all done not too late at all on Sunday - and was back in Wellington and horses back out in the paddock by 5pm.
Next weekend is likely to be up at Foxton for SJ & SH and I suspect Mum might be out at Kyrewood doing more dolly classes.