February 10, 2010

New stuff!

New cool stuff to buy:
Just a couple of products that have caught my eye recently. First is the Zilco Supaflow rug (from your favourite zilco stockist, whoever that happens to be) - it's like the new version of the cool white / cool blue. Mesh lined and the horses haven't seemed to get too hot. Not sure how the mesh skirting would wear over time - but they seem great for this inbetweenish weather so far - keeps the rain off them without making them sweaty and stuffy. The other thing that has been useful is the Derma Safe saw (from Outlaw imports) - Nick has been bringing these in and they are fantastic for hanging on a piece of string in the shed to cut open haybales and open feed bags - they have a straight blade too, but I'm likely to hurt myself on that.
New cool stuff to make:
I can't really afford to go around buying new stuff all the time - so this week I decided to get a bit creative. I noticed that Neo's ESNZ IP book was getting a little dog-eared already, plus it's ugly as anything. So I made a slip cover for it (Hello Kitty!) and it looks absolutely bangin. I'm gonna make another one for Xev - and maybe something I can put their height certificates in as well, because those always get crumpled in my pockets at shows.