July 05, 2010

Gem back in work

What an amazing weekend - sunny on both days! And some quality time with the horses where I could see them without artificial lights. On Saturday Mum drove Gem over from Masterton so that she could come back into work (as Mum is just too busy at the moment to get much riding in). Was a long & twisty drive for them, but eventually Gem got unloaded and I had a quick ride but I think Gem was a bit too tired from the drive. Sunday we had a proper ride and she was full of beans - no naughties, but my arms forgot what it's like to ride a horse who can be strong. Riding Xev and Neo afterwards was a nice rest!

Coco is settling in well at her new home, and will hopefully get a chance for either Mum or I to pop up there and get some photos of her. Zak not doing much but stuffing his face eating, and Shante is just in light work so that she doesn't forget everything she's learning.

Really it's all a bit boring. Not too many more months of winter though - and then the shows will all start up again and I'm sure I'll be begging to have boring and weekend sleep-ins.