July 07, 2010

Wintertime Woollies

Mum wanted some pictures of Gem - so I took off from work a little early today and got Nick to come out in the cold with me to grab a few piccies. It wasn't raining too much, but still very wet and cold so just a quick ride for Xev and Gem (while Neo stood watching). Xev is so insanely fluffy at the moment! and I don't look forward to pulling her mane!
Gem was really well-behaved today - a few days work have got her a bit more supple and focused on her work better. She's still very swishy with her tail though! Seems to think I shouldn't have my legs on - silly horse.
She even did some stretching work at the end of her little 5 minute ride, which was really good - and if I can keep doing a good stretch before & after her schooling I think it will really get her a lot more supple (which is going to be important if she is going to be a dressage horsey for winter!).
Not much else to report. Hopefully get up to Tielcey Park again this month, probably for the showjumping and combined training - but we'll see how it all goes. A bit hard to get motivated in this weather, but the start of the next season is just around the corner!

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