September 29, 2010

Pics from Tielcey

I finally got around to getting some pictures! These ones are from the last Tielcey Park jumping day - they're taken by Damian Day. Thanks Damian!
You know how when you're riding and schooling, sometimes it feels like nothing ever changes? Well I was stoked to see actual real evidence that my shoulder is coming right. I mean - the first pic below is just awful and hilarious, but I bought it anyway, because I am not locking up my shoulder to protect my collarbone! So I might look like a dork - but I don't care! I'm so happy that I am moving my arms through my shoulder joints properly. I can't believe it's taken so long, it must be about 6 months since I did the initial injury.
I just did small classes on Neo, the 90cm & 1m. I still have him in the Myler combination bit, but am riding with just a single rein now (on the middle ring). Our rounds weren't perfect - there was some bouncing around and not listening to me, but he was also coming back to me really nicely between fences. We picked up 4th in the 90 and won the 1m, then decided to head home before the bad weather hit.
All-up I'm really pleased with the outing, and it's good that Neo is seeming a little more settled. I only took him, so perhaps he also liked that nothing was rushed? Something for me to think about anyway.

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