September 10, 2010


Okay - the overdue update from last Sunday! I had my second outing towing a float - the same float as last time, but this time both Xev and Neo on board. When I got over the Makara hill I stopped and checked on the horses and Neo had a bit of a sweat on, and wide eyes! But they were both fine. I stopped again a few kms later and they were both half asleep. The drive to Waikanae took about an hour & 20 minutes - so not too bad at all. The weather was playing nice too.

When I got there it was still pretty early, so I fluffed around a bit and went and paid and got my backnumber then saddled up Xev. She was so full of herself when I hopped on, very excited to be around all the horses and excitement. By the time we got right across the entire park and to the all-weather arena she was feeling far more laid back.

The showjumps were set to whatever height you wanted them - so I did a round at about 95cm and Xev was so cute. She was super keen into the first one, then immediately realised that there were quite a few more jumps to go yet, so got into her stride nicely. I stuffed up a distance into the planks, but the rest of the course was pretty good, and the related distances and the double came up just perfectly for us.
A few others wanted the jumps up, so we stuck around for the 1.05 and did a handful of the jumps - I'd been working her on the flat the whole time so she was pretty sweaty and I didn't want to do too much. Really happy with how she went though. And this week her coat is starting to come through properly and she doesn't look as much like a shaggy bear when you whip her rug off!

So I finished up on Xev and took her back to the float, where Neo had been calling out to her the whole time it seemed! Gave her a lunch and got started on Neo.

When I took Neo over to the arenas he was on his tip-toes and prancing around - I couldn't even get him to stand still long enough to do my girth, so had to do up the girth while he was dancing around in circles. But, to my surprise, he warmed up pretty well. Looking to the outside a little, but not freaking out when I put my leg on to get his bend back, and tidy transitions.

Then we did a few rounds of showjumping - actual calm and laid back rounds. The jumps were small (maybe 80cm?) but I don't really care - it was really good just to have him cruise around nicely. Then I took him back and we were all done for the day!

The drive home was really windy, and by the time I got back to Makara it was a 2-person job to get the rugs on the horses (except I didn't have a second person, so I just had to do everything doubletime and the horses had to stand nicely while I dragged rugs back over them that had blown half off before I could get the straps all done up). A good day though - feeling very motivated after it.

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