March 26, 2011

Modding the MX5

Last week I decided I was going to take the mx5 to a local autocross day - you can mostly take a regular car without anything special, but you do need a fire extinguisher installed. So I headed out to Road & Track in Lower Hutt and got myself an extinguisher! And sorted out where I wanted it to go.

The extinguisher came with it's own metal bracket, so that was a good start. And I started pulling back the carpet in the car so I could get at the floor pan...

Turns out the bracket had holes, but the holes weren't big enough for the bolts you have to use - so I got my drill on!! Then whacked a few holes into the floor pan of the passenger footwell and bob's ya uncle (or something).

Bonus piccies: All mounted up, and the workspace (otherwise known as my grazing!).

Car is now ready to enter autocross!

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