April 15, 2012

Taming the Terror

Yes, long time no post, I am aware! But I have had some motivation seep back in lately, and today Swifty was free to pop out and be my 'person on hand to call the ambulance' if anything goes wrong. So what better time to get started again with "Little" Zak.

Last season I had some trouble with Zak. He really went backwards after a growth spurt - he seemed to have decided that everything was uncomfortable, and worked out a few tricks. So I've gone right back to basics with him, Getting on and off again - letting him take his time and realise that nothing is uncomfy or really that bad at all.

He was actually pretty good after some initial little tantrums - but I kept it low key. Just rode him around the yard that Neo was in (Neo found the camera and sat in front of it for rather a while).

After he was a bit more confident, we ventured out into the big wide world...

And he behaved just fine! Pretty happy with the little lad - was expecting heaps more drama and it just never happened. Now I just need to keep on top of it and get some semi-regular work into him, then he can attempt to be seen in public, maybe?

Also I wonder when he'll stop growing? He'll be 5 in August/November depending on which calculation you're using.

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