April 27, 2012

After Effects

While Neo was really more well-behaved over the weekend than I was expecting, I've noticed he's been quite fizzy at home since. A bit full of beans when it comes to handling him, and very jammed-up when riding. He's not the easiest horse to get a long stride out of at the best of times, but this week it's been very hard. I've spent a bit of time just hacking out at the walk in case his muscles got a bit of a shock over the weekend

He settles into his work eventually though, and I guess that is all I can ask right now. No showjumping this weekend for us, so perhaps I should head down to battle hill and just give him a big walk around the paddocks - I guess I'll see how the weather is looking. Maybe he can just stay cuddled up in his nice warm rug in his paddock eating!

Zak has been very good this week! Still taking it very slowly (literally! not out of a walk yet), but the desire to rear or be a twat seems to be fading. I'm just trying to ensure he gets consistent work, but easy work - if he starts to get upset, I just get off, lead him around, get back on. It's very time-consuming and boring, but hopefully once we're on the other side of it it'll all be gravy.

I can hear it raining outside right now too - it's been a fantastic season for the grass in the area I live. I've got an entire paddock that's been locked up for the boys so they will have some grass heading into winter too.

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