April 30, 2012

What to do?

So, there is a cross country practise day this coming weekend over the hill in the Wairarapa. I'd quite like to go, not because I like XC (it's a pretty well documented fact that I hate it!) more just because I want to be out and doing things and catch up with friends. However, Neo has been unsettled since going to Manfeild. I have tried hacking him out bareback at a walk, I've tried picking up where we left off with our arena schooling, I've even tried drilling his transitions to see if I can let boredom overtake his apparent anxiety. He doesn't seem sore, and is happy to be saddled up.. he is the same in a bridle or halter. He just seems jammed up and I'm not sure if he's excited or uncomfortable. It's always been hard to tell with him.
Do I take him, and give him a nice canter around the XC, popping through the water and over a few ditches? Or do I take him and do a mini-course? Or do I stay at home and try and fix whatever it is I've broken?

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