April 18, 2012

Keeping on top

Keeping on top of things. That's the idea, right? So I've managed to ride every day this week (yeah, it's only Wednesday - but sometimes you have to celebrate the small things). Today I got Swifty to come out and take some more photos as I started to think about taking Neo out this weekend

We haven't done much jumping, and my balance isn't all that good after a long break from it. So today I just did some jumping in a halter to make sure I didn't jab him in the face. He was actually pretty well behaved.

However after he'd done a few fences he did start to reef a little bit and caught me by surprise once or twice (the 2nd pic below, the look on my face hahaha). We're both a bit uncoordinated, but I think we'll remember what it's all about soon enough. No point rushing anything now that the season is pretty much wrapped up anyway.

After Zak was naughty yesterday I was keen to get on him again with someone on the ground to give me a hand if anything went wrong. While nothing specifically went too badly, I'm not actually sure what his issue is. He just seems to be in a filthy mood about the whole thing.

There were no big rears or bucks today - but lots of just 'childish' naughty things. It's very annoying, and doesn't help my motivation all that much. But Zak is currently getting worked every single day, and being made to stand beside the fence while I climb on and off about a million times.

There is a jumping day at Manfeild on Sunday... So I am considering going to that - and just doing the tiny baby classes on Neo. Have to see if I can be bothered unloading all of my stored stuff from in the float first though!

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