April 15, 2012

That Neo

Neo has had a bit of regular work lately (well, regular compared to what he'd been getting before that). He is pretty fat and unfit, and tanking around like a pony, pretty much going the same as when he does in full work probably!

We got lots of tense work, quite a lot of counterbend, and nose poking here there and everywhere - but at least today he wasn't spooking at the arena letters (which has become one of his most favourite passtimes).

Even popped him over a couple of jumps - which felt bloody awful quite frankly... and I have no weight down in my heels and really am not doing him any favours at all - so after just a few fences I decided we didn't need to do any more jumping till we are both perhaps a little fitter and less fat!

Photo of me looking like a fool, because it cracks me up. And photo of me trying to do some bridleless work (which resulted in Neo just walking back to Zak, no matter what I tried to do).

Thanks again to Swifty for being cameraman - and to the weather for being awesome!

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