May 12, 2012

Zak making progress

Today Zak was really good! Still just walking, as I want to get him behaving and doing as I ask at the walk before doing more. But today was really good, he was striding out properly, and even when a visitor to the arena had their horse being hosed he didn't seem to mind at all. Very impressed with my little boy. Also, his bum looks less like a tee-pee from behind now, and rather more like a picnic table! Growing up and getting to be the shape of a real horse, perhaps?

Neo was his Neo-self, not too jammed up and seemed pretty happy. Might take him to Foxton tomorrow for showjumping, but won't bother with continuing up to Aokautere for XC. Now just to see what the weather is like in the morning (as it seems I have turned into a fair-weather rider!).

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