May 13, 2012

Foxton SJ

Decided that Neo needed another outing, and Manfeild were running another of their winter series just up the road at Foxton. Worked out pretty well, as not quite as far to travel. Ended up being a very quick day (loaded around 7am and back in the paddock before midday.. ok, only 10 minutes before midday, but still pretty good going!). I didn't end up doing any classes, just took him in the practise round at 95cm and made up our own course - trying to just keep him calm. He actually went really well - I didn't do every fence, just a selection of uprights and oxers. Didn't want to push my luck and have him get all hot and excitable.

Then I took him back to the float and whipped his saddle off and did some bareback schooling around the other horses - again, he was pretty chilled out. Good news, really. Thanks to Leia for the piccy too :) In our styling practise round gear!

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