June 15, 2013

Saddles and all

Both horses.
With bridles and saddles! First time in 4-5 months for Neo, and first time since HoY for Cody. Cody was a bit of a fidget pants but overall her lovely well-behaved self. Neo was an asshole with rearing and bucking and lashing out but did settle down after a little while. 
I actually feel good for having given them both a proper ride. Heck, even trucky got a crank and a little jaunt to make sure it's still happy.


Mel Baker said...

Ha ha can always count on Neo huh!

perfk said...

pretty much! mr consistency right there... just all the wrong kinds of consistency! lol

Beckz said...

Yo i have nominated you for an award which you can pick up from Horsebeckz.blogspot.com