June 23, 2013


Well the big storm in Wellington has been a bit of a non-event for the horses. They've been snuggly warm each time I've gone to check on them (though I have been giving them a bit of extra feed) - the road they're grazed on has been closed for days, but not actively policed so I've had no trouble getting to them. No damage at the grazing and not too much flooding either. Quite lucky, after seeing photos of a lot of trees down into fences and barns for other folks.

At home it's been a different story- days without power and water has been not particularly fun! But the roads have been passable (at least in the ute) so I've been taking advantage of friends who have power to nab the occasional shower and at least work has had power and been warm. 

Stole the portable cooker & solar lights etc out of the truck which meant I could still cook at home (handy)... just need to remember to put things back into the truck or at least re-stock what I've taken!

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