December 12, 2006

makara show

Saturday we headed down the road to the Makara Show. I'd plaited Silvi the night before, so all I had to do was get down to the paddock and load her up. I took Nick with me to come in the truck. Silviapples loaded perfectly and we went off on our merry way. There was pretty much no traffic, so aside from the road being wet it was a really good drive out there.

It was bitterly cold though. I got on for the flat classes and we were soaked through before the first class even started. I entered the rider class and the paced & mannered. We got called in for both but didn't place in either. I was happy though, it was her first time in a ring class environment and she didn't get upset when some of the other horses bucked or went a bit crazy.

Tied to the truck:

I was also entered in 2 jumping classes, but we were both freezing and it was going to be a 4 hour wait until our first jumping class, so I decided to flag it. Swifty had picked Nick up and he'd gone off to work on his car, so I drove home alone. There was quite a bit of traffic (floats coming the other way!) but it was really good and Silvi was settled and happy when I got her off the truck and put her away after a feed.

Sunday there was a small riding club show on, but I decided to stay home and do some jumping instead. We did some bounce gridwork which she popped through beautifully and some practise landing on the correct lead for showhunter. I need to get out there and do some practise with placement poles as we often get in a bit too close to the base of the fences though.
Jumping at home:

And a few bonus photos of Bella Rosa that her new owner has sent through by pxt on her phone. Bella is doing awesomely and got Reserve Champion on the flat again on Sunday:

Silvi is supposed to have 2 outings next weekend as well - a jumping day and then an XC practise. Should be fun.