December 18, 2006

upper valley jumping day

Friday night Mum came down so that she would be able to drive on Saturday. It wasn't too much of an early start (which was nice), and we took Surfbuster in the truck for Ora as well. Silvi and I had a great day and even came home with ribbons (I really like the first photo here as you can see just how differently coloured she is to a normal grey horse):

First I hopped on to do some practise rounds. Didn't plait or get tidy. We did the showhunter first and I was really pleased - Silvi hasn't seen showhunter style fences before, and although she gave some of them a bit of air she went really nicely. We had a wee issue at the last one (which was right where our truck was parked), but on another approach she sailed over it happily:

Then we went and did a showjumping practise round which went even better - with a few flying changes and absolutely no issues at any of the fences. Headed back to the truck while I got a bit tidier and Mum put some plaits in Silvi for me. My first competition class was showjumping 70cm. It was a closest to the optimum time thing, so quite a bit of luck involved but Silviapples hopped over everything very happily and got 3rd:

After that we went straight into the Hack showhunter class 75cm. We chipped in a few distances in a line of 3 as we stuffed up the first one and then couldn't quite recover. But the rest of the round was really nice and we hit all the right number of strides, and we ended up getting 5th (only one pic of the showhunter, the first one - the other pic is from the 70cm showjumping):

Last class for us was the 90cm AM5 showjumping. We hadn't done a course anywhere near this big before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. We didn't go clear - a rail at the 2nd fence which had a slightly difficult approach, and a rail at the 6th which was my fault as I held her too long (like, until we were halfway through the jump! oops). But very impressed with her, she started to stand off the fences a bit more which was nice, and gave the double quite a bit of air:

After that we sat in the sun and watched Ora do her circuit rounds and then loaded up and went back home so Silviapples could get some rest before the ODE the next day.