December 04, 2006

QE2 Park ODE

Took Silviapples in her first Pre Training ODE yesterday and she went like such a little star. She really is taking everything in her stride. A nice dressage and double-clear. I didn't stay around to see the results posted though.

We didn't get a very great score (around 58%) which was a bummer, as there were very few comments on the test sheet for us to know what to work on. But I was so pleased with her, it was such an even test. And she was even plaited thanks to Mum (I wasn't going to bother).

Photos of cute little Silvi:

More canter work (I l
ove her showhuntery canter):

More trotting and free
walk (wish she'd stretch a tiny bit more):

Halt and leaving
the arena:

Cross Country

She was great out of the start box again, and a little wobbly into fences 1 & 2, but by the time we got to fence 3 she was fully into it and flying (as you can see from the photo).
Fences 2 & 3:

She was really good with the few different types of fences (helsinki and corner), and great at coming back to me for quirky little turns before
and after fences.
Fences 7 & 8:

She had a little wobble into the last 2 fences as well (I think she sees everything else going on and being green still gets a bit distracted), but she was super. And after the last fence I was able to have her on the buckle
to canter steadily through the flags (no wonder she never raced!)
Bonus cute pics of her hiding in grass and cantering along:


Was supposed to be back number order, but so many people took ages to get over there, so I went in third. The course was quite nice - lots of room in between the fences. We did the first few fences nicely, but then got a little disunited and never quite got ourselves together 100% again, but did go clear and as always she was lovely and calm the whole time.
Jumping the last 2 fences:

Cute pics coming into the arena and then going through the finish flags:

Then she was a bit of a snot to load, but didn't take too long (just wanted more carrots I think!) and travelled beautifully all the way home. Swifty drove to Pukerua Bay and then I took over the rest of the way.