August 05, 2007

first ride on the new boy

I had my first ride on Dan today - he was really quite good. Well behaved to tack up, and unphased while I scrambled on from a nearby fence. He's very unsure of me and what is going on once I'm on board though - just seems confused by the aids at this stage. He was happy to walk down the driveway past spooky things:
And even went straight through the creek which some horses don't seem keen on (especially when it's running fairly fast):
We mostly went for a laid back walk and trot, and a very tiny canter. Lots more work to do before I get to use the jumpstands that Nick has finished making for me though (gives me time to get off my bum and paint them I guess!):
Spice was feeling camera shy today (I think she doesn't want people to see her new haircut! Pulled her mane yesterday). But Silvi and Zakky where happy to prance around for pictures.
Didn't head out to any shows this weekend... but that gave me some time to tear down some tables and structures that had been built in the old tractor shed. The next step there is to put up some hitching areas so I can use it as a nice dry place to tack up during winter. My yards have been temporarily ripped down for some soil testing, so it's all happening over here.