August 13, 2007

QEP XC training

The sun was out and shining by the time we got to QEP (yay) - So Silvi stood happily at the truck with her hay, while I took Spice out to see about this jumping thing. Mum and Swifty followed with the camera which was handy.
I really didn't know what to expect - as I hadn't jumped Spice. So I was a bit nervous warming up and cantering into the first fence - but she just hopped (okay, so we both look a bit ugly - but first fence! so I think that's okay) over it and seemed quite keen to go do more.
And then we headed up to the water jump which Spice just thought was the greatest thing ever - she didn't even hesitate at all.
So by this stage we figured she was probably going to be happy jumping pretty much anything - so I only did a few more jumps (not really fit enough to ask for too much more... I just wanted to do enough to work out her style and stride a bit so I wouldn't get left behind too much or anything like that). We did the ditch combo:
And just one other kennel-type fence and then packed up and headed home... then Mum took the truck back to Palmerston North for it's extreme makeover! Photos in a few weeks I guess!!