August 13, 2007

Lancers show 2

So after an eventful night (a power pole down the road caught fire and we had no power until about 2.30am) I dragged myself out of bed at 4.30 - and Mum & Swifty got themselves sorted too - so that we could head out to Foxton for the Lancers show, and then to QEP for some XC later. The weather yesterday was awful, so I'd been slack and hadn't plaited (luckily Mum did when we got to the show as we were there nice and early).

We popped Spice in the Novice showhack class, poor girl had to wear a jumping saddle as Silvi was already tacked up and ready to go in the very next class. We had quite a bit of time to warm up, which was nice (as I sure needed it - I was freezing! silly cold weather).
Spicey was good though - just happily went round in circles for a bit, got a ribbon (she came 2nd, which I was quite pleased with). She has been very consistent in the flat classes that I've taken her in.
And then went back to the truck to sleep.
And Silvi was a real dude, only got ridden yesterday for 5 minutes after months off - and then took all of 2 minutes to settle in the ring, and as she warmed up she just went nicer and nicer.
I only did 3 classes on Silvi - and I could tell by the 3rd one that she was getting a bit tired. I was really pleased with how she was going, and she was improving each class... but I think if we'd done a 4th class she might have started to get grumpy and needed a bit too much kick-kick to get going!
Very pleased with how both horses went - and the little angels even came home with a bunch of ribbons which is neat.
So then we loaded up and headed on down to QEP in Paekakariki.