November 12, 2008


After raining all day it finally fined up enough in the evening to take the horses for a nice big hill ride. I started with Neo (riding) and Violet (led) - they were both feeling a bit lazy which is unusual for them... maybe muscles still a bit sore from eventing at the weekend? I know mine are! But they perked up pretty quickly and had a great trot around - we even saw a bunch of deer, at which point Neo about had a heart attack!
I got back to the yards and gave Neo & Vi their dinner, then decided to take Sam (riding) and Dee (led) out together. I hadn't pony'd them together before, so wasn't sure how that would go - but they were great! Dee trotted along to keep up with Sam's huge strides, and on the downhills Sam was really slow to Dee had a chance to get her breath back. Those two were full of beans for the entire ride. No deer sightings with them though - just a few lambs.
L to R: Violet, Neo, Dee, Sam:
I didn't take Kody up on the hills last night, but I am considering taking him for a short walk in the paddock with Pippa on the lead, see if that improves her confidence with new things. Kody was supposed to have his chiropractor type lady out again this week, but I can't get the time off work to be at home for it - so I guess we'll have to wait till she's down next week.