November 29, 2008

Lazy Weekend

Took the team down to the arena, with Brad coming along as photographer for the session. It was stinking hot by the time we started at 10am (not complaining though!). Rode Dee first up, she's been starting to work in a nicer outline, and accept the contact a lot better - but still isn't quite seeking the contact. Certainly improving though!
I'm really pleased with how active and forward she is in her work, even today when she was a little tender (as I have whipped her front shoes off to try and trim them into a bit better shape before popping shoes back on):
We did just a couple of jumps, and she was good - but I wasn't keen to do too much while she was a little ouchy on her toes (and I notice in the photos her knees aren't up as nicely as they usually are - so I may be putting shoes back on a little earlier than I'd first thought - will monitor over the coming week and make a decision). She is such a willing horse to ride, I really enjoy her, and of course it helps that she's so pretty!:
Finished with Dee and took her back to the truck where the others were waiting (Violet was just along for the ride, no schooling for her today - just hacking out this weekend... but I thought she'd like to come for the drive). Kody-pants was next up:
I am thrilled with how Kody is looking. He's been getting visits from Fenella of and while there were no big issues, he has really filled out heaps since the first treatment from Fenella with a few adjustments and exercises she has given us to do at home to complement the chiro work she does:
Kody looking cute:
After some flatwork I took Kody over a crossrail and he overjumped it by a lot, so I took him over a pole on the ground which he kept leaping over and we did that until he was settled and just walking & trotting over it. He's a really lovely jumper, but I do worry that the overjumping will give him a fright - so I'm trying to build his confidence with the tiny fences and just let him work out that it's no big deal:
I haven't jumped Neo (aside from at shows) for quite a while, so I thought it would be a good opportunity for him to have a cruise around and just hop over a few things and give us both a reminder for our striding through the grids. Neo warming up:
Over the corner and the fake liverpool:
Taking Neo through the related lines he was striding everything perfectly (a far cry from Mr Choppy Strides when I got him), but through the grid I found he was standing off the last a bit and flattening a little? I will try and do some work at home between poles and adjusting his striding, then hopefully head out to the arena again in the coming week to do some more gridwork. I'd really like to take him a little higher than the 1.10m he's currently competing to, but I want to make sure that he is going to meet the fences right, as I'm not too keen on heading him around 1.15 or 1.20 and getting to the last of a trebble on a half stride. I do love how tidy he is over his fences though. Such a cute man:
Packed up and headed home (Kody now self-loading on the truck, and Dee slowly getting more confident with loading). Was thinking about going to the arena again tomorrow, but I think I have a list of 'homework' stuff to do before I head out there again - so will busy myself with that!