December 11, 2008

Christmas preparations

So a few days ago people were talking about what they are getting their horses for Christmas, and I felt a bit guilty because mine normally only get carrots! So I decided to get a bit creative. I had some tailbags that I'd bought and some rugs that needed minor repairs - and while shopping for needle and thread I found some cute little fabric crowns! So I have started mending the summer rugs (by hand! I'm so domestic!) and sewed on the tailbag attachments, and the best part is the little crowns with names underneath.
I have only done Neo & Kody's ones so far:
Hopefully this will also make getting ready for this weekend a bit easier - as Neo's tail was absolutely filthy, and is currently sparkly white inside the tailbag. Fingers crossed he doesn't rip, wreck or remove the tailbag overnight.