December 29, 2008

Kyrewood - Violet

Violet was entered in the hunter ring on Saturday - she warmed up lovely, but got a little tense in the first class with the other horses cantering up past her.. though she quickly remembered that this is all normal and what flat classes are all about.. and settled right back into her usual self. We weren't able to get any pics of the first few classes, as Swifty was helping Alicia with 2 mounts on the other side of the grounds - but their classes wrapped up in time to get over with the camera for some of the jumping workouts.
Violet's jumping workouts were absolutely stunning. She just cantered into the fences like clockwork and mooched around on a loose rein after the last fence. A lot of horses were pulling and fighting, so I was very pleased to be on probably the most laid back jumper in the entire field of 20 or 30 horses!
After some jumping workouts were did some more flat. It made for a really long/tiring day (as we'd do a jumping workout, then flat, then workouts or placings or each class... then repeat all over for the next class! I didn't realise we would be doing so much jumping).
Violet was very consistent, and picked up 2 first placings, as well as 4 other placings in the hunter classes. Even when she was starting to get a bit tired, she was still really attentive and kept her transitions tidy and her ears flicking back and forth listening to a mix of my riding and also whatever I was chatting to her about white trotting and cantering around.
We were called in for the championship for the Working Hunter and Violet did a lovely workout, but we just got pipped by Lydia Fullerton-Smith's lovely gelding. Violet still picked up the Reserve Champion title, which is great as Kyrewood is a HoY qualifier show - so we're halfway qualified now. The judge commented that she found it very difficult to pick between us and she really loved the way Violet jumps (she even said that Violet is exactly the type of horse she'd love to have for herself, which is always a fantastic compliment!). Violet doing her lap of honour, and then posing with her haul of ribbons from the Hunter classes:
Sunday Violet did a showjumping class, but felt a little flat - so I decided just to takeher in the Open RTR, then scratch her from the rest of our classes... Then class clashes saw us miss the RTR class which was an absolute bummer! Still, I think Violet had a very busy weekend with more than enough jumping.
When we unloaded at home on Sunday night Violet was super excited to be home and hooned up the top of the paddock with Neo. I am really pleased with how all the horses did this weekend, and the great results to back it up.
The next scheduled show for us is January 10th I think - just a local showjumping day. So today all the horses just get a walk and a stretch, but then it's back to business as I'd also like to get in a day of jumping schooling before the 10th.