January 06, 2009

Post Xmas Update

Well Christmas and the New Year have come and gone, and so I figured it was about time for an update on the farm-related stuff that's happened over the holidays. Firstly Mum & her truck got a Christmas present of a stereo (her truck had none at all!). I got to pick the headunit and speakers, while Nick got to work on wiring things up & fabricating boxes/holders and Swifty helped with the in-cab electrical stuff.
There were a few stumbling blocks, but we got it all together just in time for Mum to head back to Masterton, listening to trackside (instead of the usual silence). We also finally got the farm name on the side of the truck which looks rather swanky!
The house did well this year for presents! It got some new tools, and also (belated gift) a ladder! We've been needing a ladder for absolutely ages. Brad has been hard at work improving the garden - and so far he's been the only person brave enough to test the ladder. I'm trying to think of an excuse though, it's one of the multi-position ladders... surely I need to use it as some sort of scaffolding for something? Perhaps a makeshift mounting block?
I got a sewing machine from Mum for Christmas. I've never had a sewing machine... so I had to wait till yesterday night to even get someone to show me how to thread it! All a very new experience for me. But I managed to thread it again when I got home, so I am learning! And I finished stitching up a tailbag I was hand-sewing (much quicker with a machine!), and tonight I did a proof-of-concept for some things I'm hoping to make. I made a pillowcase with ribbons (yes, I used 4ths in case I fuffed it up! lol). I think it came out ok for my first sewing experience!
Well that's about it - hopefully I'll have a horse-related update soon! And I'm off to view one tomorrow who might be coming for some schooling, fingers crossed it's a fun one! It's a mare, so I'm bound to like it.