January 31, 2009

Meet the new girl

On Friday morning I went and picked up the latest addition to the crew. 'Princess' is a 5yo TB, around 15.2 I would say, maybe a little bigger. She's staying here for a month to get some basic mileage and manners sorted out. She's had her first ride and seen a heap of new things already (2 bridge crossings, a creek, and a noisy road). I'm hoping to take her to Battle Hill this weekend so she can go somewhere else and see lots of other horses around the place. She travelled well alone, and I expect she'll be just as good with the others. So here is Princess:
So Ithought it might be time for a bit of an update for just who we have in the team at the moment!
  1. Violet - Queen of Odenhills, who will keep on doing A&Ps (ring classes and dressage) as well as hopefully a few more eventing starts while she is for sale
  2. Neo - King of Odenhills (by his own appointment!), who is mainly doing showjumping these days
  3. Dee - my little 4yo showjumping superstar will be going up for sale within the next week
  4. Grace - is continuing to get more outings and competition experience under her belt whilst on the market
  5. Kody - lazing about on the hills while some scratches on his back heal (though he will be dragged in to get made beautiful for some in-hand classes at an A&P that's coming up)
  6. Pippa - hmm, supposed to be a plan for this lady! But never seems to happen quite the way we expect.. I expect she'll just stay sitting in the paddock growing bigger/taller by the day
  7. Alfie - over with Mum and getting out to shows to do flat classes most weekends, Alfie will begin jumping within the next month too
  8. Gem - in the paddock recovering from a knock to the leg, and occasionally coming out for in-hand classes to keep her mind busy, as she doesn't like to get bored
  9. Zak - currently being mouthed! we intend to back him before winter, but just a few sits as he's still only a bubs
  10. Princess - beginning her transformation into a useful member of equine society!
  11. Penny - a welshy that Mum often borrows off a friend for in-hand shows
  12. Inky - the 'matched pair' to Penny :)
So that is the team at the moment.. a few who aren't in work, and a bunch who are! Keeping us out of trouble, I guess! With a few of the mares on the market I am keeping an eye out for another couple to join us, Neo tells me he needs his harem fully stocked!