January 31, 2009

Pauatahanui Show

Today we headed just down the road to Battle Hill for Pauatahanui Show. Quite a late start, with my rings not starting till 11am! Neo was first to compete, and he was really off-form and arguing with me quite a bit. After the first class I took his martingale off and he seemed a lot happier, but still not 100% so I retired him during his 2nd class and will perhaps do an arena session on him during the week and see if I can pick up what's up with my boy - I don't like seeing the horses unhappy like that! Hopefully it was just a bad day, seeing as he's been going so fantastic lately.
Dee was next up - over in Ring2 (which was on the other side of the grounds! couldn't even see what was going on which made timing things pretty difficult). Dee, as always, did a beautiful round but we didn't place. She is just so easy to jump. I wish all young horses were this easy!
Grace was the last of the bunch (she and Dee only did one class - as I'm taking them out again tomorrow and didn't want to overdo it). She was listening to me so much more, and just seemed a lot more focused on what I was asking her to do rather than the things outside of the jumping ring. She did a super clear round, but we tapped a rail in the jumpoff. I was still really pleased with how she is improving, and also getting towards being able to stand beside the arena and fall asleep (always nice!).
Tomorrow it's a girly outing - with Dee, Grace & Vi doing some XC schooling at Battle Hill... Princess will hopefully come along to watch! I suspect Neo will come and stay tied to the truck - purely because he'd cause a riot if I left him at home and took all his girls out of the paddock!