January 17, 2009

Levin A&P

Sam was entered for the Saddle Hunter classes at Levin, but due to him selling and heading off to his new home we weren't able to take him. So instead of wasting those entry fees I decided to take Violet up there and do his classes. It was such a sunny day, and surprisingly relaxing (even if the parking area was tiny!).

Violet scrubbed up nicely and took home a ribbon in the turnout, and another in the open saddlehunter. Nothing in the working hunter though, which was a bit sad - but that's showing, isn't it. Violet was a lot more focused on me even in her warmup, which was good to see. I no longer have her paddocked with her boyfriend (Neo) and I think that is making the world of difference.

We were finished before lunchtime! With only one horse in those few classes it was a very lazy day for me. I also got to meet Helena (Gem's old owner) which was fab - and her horse is a stunner! Such a lovely built fella for a baby (he's only 5). I can't wait to get Gem up & running again so Helena can see how miss Gem does in her new life as a part-time saddle hunter and part-time eventer!