December 23, 2008

Everyone's here

It feels like everyone is here, or on their way, at the moment! Grace is on the farm, the truck is back, I even think Alfie may come back over the Christmas break to gear up for a few shows in the New Year. Christmas is coming up, and we're hosting the meal here this year - so there will be a bunch of extra humans too! Crazy stuff.
Violet is getting tubby, think she needs more fitness work on the hills! And Neo has been super-good lately, I've been getting stuck into some schooling instead of the mainly hacking & fitness regime that he has. Dee has just gotten over a bit of seedy toe and is working really well under saddle - still building those muscles to use herself, but she is really trying hard which is nice. Kody has got some scratches on his back (I think from standing under a tree and having a nice itch/rub?) but that means he's out till they heal. Pip has been doing some more basic handling work with her legs/feet.
Gave Grace a good workout today, up and down the driveway full of scary new things, through the creek and all sorts. She was very cautious to begin with, but once she got working she was focused and easy. Pics trotting, and also canter on a loose rein:
She still has a filthy tail though... but I am slowly getting it whiter! Should have it done in time for her classes at Kyrewood on Saturday.