March 24, 2010

HoY - Neo's InHand

Friday was our no-jumping day (I didn't want to jump them 4 days in a row), so instead of doing nothing I thought I'd enter Neo in the pinto in-hand section. We even did the turnout (though not seriously, just for fun). Neo behaved really well for such a long day - it was something like 9am till 4pm and I didn't even do the last classes.
We certainly came home with more placings than we expected - picking up a ribbon in nearly every class. Very stoked with my little spotty horse.
  • 5th in his age class
  • 2nd in his colour class
  • 4th in suitability for eventing
  • and he won the suitability for hunting
Sadly we didn't place in the suitability for showjumping!! Though with his behaviour over the previous few days at the show maybe the judge knew something haha.
Random piccies of the truck parked up, and the horses wanting a second breakfast after throwing their buckets around in the yards:
Got home about 3.30pm on Sunday very tired, horses were extremely glad to be off the truck and hanging out with their mates. And I got Nick to drive me to the supermarket to get a quick and easy dinner. Wednesday already and I'm still stuffed! Thank goodness HoY is only once a year.


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