March 07, 2010

Wairarapa 2* SJ

Yesterday I headed up to Carterton for the Wairarapa showjumping with Neo and Xev. Mostly I just wanted a run before HoY to see how they are both doing. I had to retire Xev as the abscess she's had was still feeling just a bit tender and I wasn't happy with the way she landed off the fences. Neo tooled around not listening to me much, but a very slight improvement over last time out - so hopefully the toxin binders etc are all starting to work their magic and I will have my old awesome Neo back soon!

Mum headed up to Bideford sports with Gem - just to do 3 flat classes. Got placed in each class, but didn't come home with a wide. She decided to take a detour and come past the show and visit us, but I think it was a bit boring, and then it started to rain... so Gem got loaded back up and taken home (don't blame them, really!).