March 24, 2010

HoY - Neo's Jumping

Neo was entered in all the same classes as Xev, and had decided that he knew it all now that he was at HoY. Of course this resulted in crashing through a fence on the first day, and having to borrow a much stronger bit for the rest of the show to even get him to listen. I was pretty disappointed, as I thought we'd been through this stage and got out of the other side of it.
By Saturday he was trying to listen in his jumping, but he was just so amped up. I even trotted him into a few jumps. So it wasn't meant to be in the jumping for us - no ribbons for Xev or Neo, but improvement over the duration of the show (her hoof, his brain) is all you can really ask for once you get up there.
I usually give Neo some time off about now - but I think I am going to stick with it through winter and keep him in light work right through. I don't think he'll be going to the dressage shows with Xev! But I'm sure I can find something to keep him busy.