November 21, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Out to the arena at Grays road today - after it had been raining all morning it cleared for me to get all 3 horses ridden. It even got warm for a little bit (though not sunny). I was also trying out my new jods - which I think are just the cutest things on the planet.
Gem was feeling very full of bounce, and pulled a little while I was warming her up - but she jumped like a star. She has obviously forgotten her confidence knock the other weekend at the show, so I think today with just some low oxers was really great for her.
She always overwhelms me with her attitude to jumping. She doesn't really tank into anything, but is always keen, and doesn't mind fillers or odd-looking fences. I just need to work on riding her more forward to the base of the fence, as I am still putting her on the short stride. I tried today to ride her more positively, and had mixed results - sometimes we'd hit it perfect, but other times I would end up holding her for an extra stride right at the base of the jump. Good thing she is clever!
Not sure what is next for Gem, but she is at least fit and happy - so leaves the door wide open for whatever suitable events are coming up for her.
Neo is still proving to be a mystery. He was very strong on the flat and I couldn't get him to listen well enough to bend around my leg, however when I put him into a warmup crossbar, and also a grid he would happy trot in and land in a lovely calm canter.
The more jumping I did, the more hot he got. He was not reefing in front of the fences, but was still jumping around in front of them. But I don't think he is sore, as he's moving fine, and also jumping nice enough (when sore he tends to not have a tidy front end at all). He was a dude in between times though... happy to walk around on a loose rein and let me cuddle his face from the saddle.
I think I will just have to keep working on the flatwork, incorporate more trotting poles (I have been doing this almost daily, but not really changing the trotting pole setup, nor raising them or doing anything different). Just keep at it and I'm sure he will give me some clues as to if it is the right thing or not.
Xev has been a bit off lately... she is just ever so slightly sore. She was feeling a bit better today, behaving nicely as well - which is hopeful - as her mood is quite tied to how she feels physically.
I didn't do very much on her though - just wanted to enjoy a short ride and have her enjoy it as well and not get pushed until she did feel uncomfortable. I also popped her over a tiny crossbar a few times and she was lovely and calm into it and away from it. Fingers crossed this means that whatever is making her uncomfy is on it's way to getting sorted. Had the farrier out again, can't see any obvious stonebruise or anything, but it could fit with the very low level discomfort.
The rain came in just as I was packing up, which is really quite fantastic timing! Thanks to Swifty for popping out to take some photos too.

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